Endowed Chaplaincy

The Endowed Chaplaincy will be incorporated into the Ferrum College Campus Ministries program within the Student Campus Life division and in collaboration with the Academic Schools. The Chaplaincy will support a College Pastor in perpetuity and ensure on-going support for the campus ministries program and leadership in both pastoral ministry and interdenominational service projects.


Ferrum College was founded on a profound tradition of faith and service. An important aspect
of our mission to educate has been to help students respond to personal and ethical challenges, to grow
spiritually regardless of religious orientation and to integrate their faith and learning with life.

Endowed Chaplaincy $1,000,000

Support for the endowed chaplaincy will allow Ferrum College to continue its historic commitment to an environment that encourages spiritual development and offers numerous opportunities for students to celebrate life and explore God’s intention for human living.

An important aspect of the Ferrum College mission to educate has always been to help students respond effectively to personal and ethical challenges and to foster spiritual growth. College life is an exciting time of intellectual and social development as students consider new ideas and explore ever-broadening horizons. Ferrum gives students the opportunity to examine their faith, seek spiritual guidance from the Chaplain, assess what is important in their lives, and helps them to forge a system of values that will sustain them throughout their lives.

The responsibilities of the Chaplain of Ferrum College encompass all aspects of student life, including teaching, prayer and service – the door to the Christian Ministries Center will always be open. As a spiritual mentor, the Chaplain weaves the threads of “learning, serving and worshipping” throughout the fabric of campus faithfully reflecting the College motto, “Not Self, But Others”.

It is with this foundation of good work in mind, that we announce the Ferrum College Centennial Campaign goal to raise $1 million to permanently endow the Chaplaincy. This amount will ensure support in perpetuity for the campus ministries program and represents an opportunity for the College to ensure the tradition of leadership in both pastoral ministry and inter-denominational service projects.

The goal is to make the (name) Endowed Chaplaincy a most significant position at Ferrum College – worthy of its namesake and of the educational mission of the institution.

Our Methodist Heritage…