Ferrum 100

Ferrum 100: Alumni ProfilesThroughout this Centennial year we will share profiles of 100 members of the Ferrum College Family. Included in the “Ferrum 100” are current students, alumni, professors, coaches, campus staff and friends within our community.

We are proud that our beautiful campus has grown even more so during the last 100 years. We are even more proud that our founding mission and belief in service remains as a common thread throughout the tapestry of the life of Ferrum College. This accomplishment is the core of who we are and why we continue to thrive. It is passed on through generations of like-minded people who make up this family.

We hope to embody our motto “Not Self, But Others” with examples of these real people who work and study and contribute to the very special spirit which is Ferrum. Each individual, through his or her unique story, inspires us and prompts us to remember the extraordinary that resides in every one of us no matter how ordinary we may seem to ourselves. And that when we join together in faith and purpose we can make a true difference in the hearts and minds and lives of others – for Ferrum College now and well into our next 100 years.

Maury Carter ’53

James Cassady ’57

James (Jim) A. Davis ’65

Allen DeHart ’54

Bev Fitzpatrick ’67

Douglas W. Foard

Hugh Green ’55

Bruce Griffith ’66

Reverend Herbert Hobbs

Don Jennings ’58

Phyllis Q. Karavatakis ’76

Martha Kastler ’99

Doug Lane

Wilson Paine ’07

Stewart D. Roberson, Ed.D. 

Samantha Smith ’12

Lee Walker ’80

Amanda Witt ’04